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Stay Woke

By: Vont Leak Studios

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  • Ep. 13 - Sorry If You're Offended

    Vont, Khadir and Maura Leak are back this week! The trio discuss the latest celebrity controversy and the problem with c ... Moreertain social groups. They also have a very heated guy vs girl debate. Vont and Maura also go head to head in a boyfriend vs girlfriend challenge. Tune in to see who wins and who now owes the other one big time! Less

  • Ep. 12 - The Way the Cornbread Crumbles (ft. Cornbread)

    The Legendary Cornbread Crew is back and still as corny as ever! Vont and Dir sit down with the 4 other members of their ... More high school band 'Cornbread' to reminisce about their favorite gigs and memories. The crew also debate how long someone should be in the "talking" stage, if women should pay for the first date and if social media should validate what people do for others. Listen out for a new Dear Vont and new Top 5 List, all on this week's episode of STAY WOKE!

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  • Ep. 11 - Submit To Your Master (ft. Arthur)

    We are back with another great episode featuring Arthur again. This week him and Vont talk about Justin Timberlake's lat ... Moreest scandal and what's considered cheating, debate if Summer Walker shouldn't perform anymore and Arthur explains why he doesn't tip waiters. Plus, Vont and Arthur go over the types of people you'll see on Thanksgiving. You won't want to miss this week's episode of Stay Woke.
    IG / Twitter: @iamprofessorart
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  • Ep. 10 - Take Your L and Go (ft. Justis Gregg)

    STAY WOKE returns this week with Vont, Dir & Justis. This week we discuss the difference in gender roles, T.I. publicizi ... Moreng checking his daughter's hymen, debate why people cheat and the Top 5 Disney Shows. Plus, Khadir shares a HUGE announcement with everyone. Tune in to hear all this and more on Episode 10 of Stay Woke. Less

  • Ep. 9 - Face of the Race (ft. Joseph & Alison Wilson)

    This week Vont has hosts of the Love Unscripted Podcast, Joseph and Alison Wilson! Tune into this week's episode as they ... More debate what defines criminals and liars, review the Netflix film 'American Son', and Alison tells the story of her and Joseph's worst first date. Join the discussion of Top Five Problems In Relationships & Marriages @staywokepod on FB and IG.
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  • Ep. 8 - Black Power (ft. Justis & Arthur)

    WE'RE BACK WITH EPISODE 8! This week Justis and Arthur join Vont to sit down and debate the best black films of all time ... More, the real king of R&B, the importance of equal parenting time and tons more! All that and more on this weeks episode of Stay Woke.
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  • Ep. 7 - Hair, Leather Jackets & Money (ft. Frank & Christina Sasso)

    So sorry we're late! But this week Vont is joined by none other than podcastiah's own Frank and Christina Sasso. Listen ... Moreas the three talk about the world of podcasting, the importance of knowing yourself and some of society's biggest issues. All that and more on this week's (late) episode of STAY WOKE. Less

  • Ep. 6 - When They See Us (ft. TKP Nook)

    We are officially back with SEASON 2 of Stay Woke! This week Vont and Dir are joined by Alphonso Jones II. The guys disc ... Moreuss the challenges of being black men in today's society, their experiences with women, why Phonz had to leave for a secret mission to Canada and a bunch more. You won't want to miss this special extended episode of STAY WOKE. Less



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  • Ep. 5 - Two Hit Wonder (ft. Khadir Armstrong)

    *sorry for the buzzing glitch sound* We’ve made it to the Season One Finale! Listen this week as hosts Vont and Khadir ... More laugh about some of their best memories as well reminisce on this past month and talk about what’s to come next season. Go listen to the rest of season one of Stay Woke on all of your favorite podcast streaming platforms! SEASON 2 DEBUTS OCTOBER 20TH. SEASON 2 DEBUTS OCTOBER 20TH. SEASON 2 DEBUTS OCTOBER 20TH.
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  • Ep. 4 - And the Emmy Goes To... (ft. Julian Kennebrew)

    Just in time for the Emmy's tonight Vont welcomes fellow content creator, Julian Kennebrew. Listen as the two talk about ... More their commonalities in the media industry, upcoming digital content they're planning on creating as well as their Do and Do Not Watch lists. All of this in more in this week's episode of STAY WOKE! Less

  • Ep. 3 - Built to Beat the Odds (ft. Brad Butler II)

    Vont welcomes author and motivational speaker, Brad Butler II, to Stay Woke. The two go into Brad's empowering upbringin ... Moreg and how his trials and tribulations have led him to his current and upcoming successes. Contact "B-Rad Inspires" to come speak motivation into you or someone you know's life.
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  • Ep. 2 - The Power In Your Passion (ft. Tyler Gentry)

    Tyler Gentry joins Vont and Khadir as they dive into deep psychological theories, the best and worst of today's musical ... Moreartists and have a poetry slam. All that and more on this week's episode of STAY WOKE! Less

  • Ep. 1 - Technology the Community Calls On (ft. Brand Newbian Brothers)

    Vont and his first official guests, Brand Newbian Brothers, talk about different community events and discuss technology ... More's presence in the 21st century. Less

  • Pilot - Disney Presents: Stay Woke The Remake

    In the test pilot episode, Vont, Khadir and Maura talk about various topics along with personal stories about themselves ... More and what to expect from "Stay Woke". Less

  • Welcome to Stay Woke!

    Welcome to "Stay Woke". In this brief introduction, you are introduced to Vont Leak, the host, as well as discuss why it ... More is important to "stay woke" in today's society. "Stay Woke" season one begins today with the test pilot episode. Subscribe now on all of your favorite podcasting directories. Less